Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches

Proto introduced a new line of full polish chrome, reversible ratcheting combination wrenches with spline box ends; featuring a new open end configuration which allows up to 13 degrees additional swing. The offering includes 38 fractional and metric sizes as well as four wrench sets. Visually distinctive, the new wrench pattern features a patented I-beam design that removes material weight while offering an increased bearing surface to help improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue. Like most Proto combination wrenches, the open end features an anti-slip design, locking the wrench onto the fastener head to help prevent injury from wrench slippage. The new line has a 72-tooth design, resulting in a 5-degree arc swing. Fractional sizes range from ¼ in. to 1 ¼ in. and metric sizes from 6 mm to 32 mm.

Proto Industrial Tools, www.protoindustrial.com