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Tarp Storage

East Manufacturing Co. introduced a new time saving and safety option to their drop deck trailers – an all-aluminum tarp storage box built into the floor of the upper or lower deck. This on-deck access location reduces multiple ups and downs on the trailer (lessening the chance for falls) to tarp the load, or store the tarp and tie-downs, which saves time and energy for both tasks. The tarp storage boxes are available in various depth configurations, depending on the drop at the neck and beam depth of the drop deck trailer, and can be placed in either the top deck, bottom deck, or both decks. Dimensions of the upper deck storage boxes are 35-in. long x 13-in wide (maximum 22-in. deep). Lower deck box dimensions are 49 ½-in. long x 42 ½-in. wide (maximum 21-in. deep).

East Manufacturing Co.,