Evacuation Monitoring Software

AeroScout has announced a new Evacuation Monitoring solution for improving worker safety and operational efficiency for organizations that might have emergency events. The innovative solution leverages standard Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide real-time visibility into the location and status of all personnel, contractors and visitors during emergencies or drills. The AeroScout Evacuation Monitoring solution provides a visual online dashboard that shows where each person is on a facility map during a drill or actual emergency. It also indicates when each individual has safely reached a mustering area or other safety zone. Other key features include: integrated man-down alerting and tracking; management reporting tools for post-drill and event analysis; and support for evacuation planning and regulatory compliance. In addition, the solution facilitates compliance with various government regulations, such as MSHA, ATEX 137 and DSEAR, which require hazardous sites to have detailed emergency plans, performance goals and documentation for regularly scheduled drills.

AeroScout, www.AeroScout.com/Industrial