Rail Alignment Tool

The RAT-Series Rail Alignment Tool positions and aligns underground track, while increasing productivity and worker safety. The tool is rated with a push capacity of 5 tons yet weighs only 70 lb. An integrated ACME extension screw reaches 16 in., allowing longer reach and fast setup, achieving a maximum tool extension of 76 in., with a collapsed length of 46 in. The hydraulic bladder design reservoir allows for usage in any position, and the cylinder features large bearing surfaces and an internal spring for fast retraction. Featuring a large oil fill, the tool provides a high flow output for each handle stroke. The self-contained, turnkey tool employs a heavy-duty Piston and Bearing System to withstand the harshest environments for enhanced protection and durability. The Flat Base of the tool features a rear foot that offers a solid load footing for tool stability, with a V-Base attachment supplying a secure connection on the base of the rail. Optional end styles include a wedge head, spreader head and serrated saddle.

Enerpac, www.enerpac.com