Roller Bearings

Rubber Disc Return Rollers feature four tapered roller bearings (two in each hub) for unrivaled smooth, true operation. In addition to significantly longer service life, this patented “quad bearing” design withstands more severe applications than traditional rollers, notes the manufacturer. Made with universal shafts, and 5-, 6- or 7-in. diameters, these proven products fit any manufacturers’ brackets. They are ideal for abrasive and corrosive environments, including use in mining, aggregate materials handling, power plants and others. The patented Elite design allows the re-use of the axle assembly, yielding a significant savings over replacing entire idler assemblies. Because there is no welding on the idler assembly, any damaged parts can be replaced in just minutes. Rollers can be refurbished at a fraction of the price of new ones, with 90 percent of the materials re-used. Standard rollers include ¾-in. bearings, while heavy duty rollers are equipped with 1 ¼-in. bearings. They are available for belt widths of 18 in. to 96 in. An inner support tubes ensures that hubs are independent of each other for smoother operation and longer life. Stainless steel shafts are also available for corrosive applications.

Elite Roller Manufacturing,