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Circuit Breakers

The W-VACiMB medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers are designed to protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections, and cable. To withstand demanding environmental conditions in mining applications, W-VACiMB breakers are sealed from dust and contaminants and are suitable for high altitude, shock, vibration and high ambient temperatures. The 17.5 kilovolt (kV) W-VACiMB circuit breakers make and break power in a sealed environment with no external arcing in a compact 18- x 18- x 18-in., 133-lb. package. The breakers have three key building blocks: the vacuum interrupter, the encapsulated pole unit, and the universal mechanism assembly. The compact, modular design is a key attribute designed to make the mining breakers virtually maintenance free. The Eaton vacuum interrupters are encapsulated in epoxy resin, protecting them from mechanical impact and environmental conditions. The W-VACiMB breakers use a simple modular operating mechanism that is fastened to the breaker with just three bolts, making the breakers user friendly. Lastly, the breakers are complemented with accessories that are field mountable, making it a versatile solution for the mining industry.

Eaton Corp.,