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Pulse Jet Dust Collector

A major manufacturer of masonry products has successfully employed a new, specially adapted pulse jet dust collector from Sly, Inc. The 40,000 ACFM collector vents a sand and aggregate fluid bed dryer operating at 140 F. Inlet loading for the collector is a demanding 15,000 lb./h (44 gr/cf), with outlet emissions of .02 gr/cf. The Sly Model STJ-3215-10 collector features a high-side inlet and large drop-out section, slowing velocity to remove heavy particulate before it is filtered by the collector’s 16-oz. polyester filter bags. Because the dryer being vented occasionally is fired by high sulfur fuel oil, special design considerations were made. The collector has a stainless steel tube sheet, internal epoxy coating and 3 in. of fiberglass insulation to address potential corrosion. Sly furnished inlet duct, outlet duct, stack, supports, access platforms, screw conveyor and exhaust fan for the project. Sly, Inc. manufacturers a full range of wet and dry dust collection systems designed to meet any air pollution code and user’s specific requirements.
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