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Embedded Core Sensors

The line of embeddable C-Series censors from MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division is being augmented to include Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) and longer lengths. The C-Series sensors and now Model CL embeddable sensors allow manufacturers a cost reducing method of using magnetostrictive technology while retaining all the no-wear advantages of its non-contact nature. SSI is a digital interface method whereby each clock pulse from a controller shifts out one bit of a 24-bit data word from the sensor. While the C-Series offers a 72 to 250 mm active stroke length in nine increments, the new Model CL sensors offer additional lengths up to 1,500 mm in 25 mm increments. Model CL sensors are also available in 5V analog output and SSI. Both run off of 12 volts. These new digital outputs offer more options for elegant, ergonomic designs without the heavy industrial packaging and bolt-on look characteristic of heavy industrial-intended magnetostrictive sensors.

MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division,