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Mounting Kit for Bearing Ring

The split universal mounting kit version (Split uKIT) of the AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage, and allows quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any AC motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment. The Split uKIT is ideal for HVAC service contractors and plant maintenance departments. Designed to accommodate slingers, shaft shoulders, and other end bell protrusions, the kit comes with a split AEGIS ring, the halves of which are held together with a unique hinge. This hinge design allows the split AEGIS ring to be opened on one side, then closed and fastened together with built-in adhesive-backed aluminum tabs, providing rigidity to the assembled ring. Ordered based on a motor’s frame size, the kit includes the correct size split AEGIS grounding ring and mounting hardware. The brackets can be attached either by drilling and tapping small holes or by applying AEGIS Conductive Epoxy (sold separately).

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