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Hand Pumps

The new ULTIMA series of steel hand pumps from Enerpac are designed for easier and safer operation, as well as extended life. The reinvented series now features an innovative design that provides greater ease-of-use. Handle effort was reduced by up to 20 percent without compromising speed or performance. The innovative bypass system further reduces loads often created by two-stage pumps, according to the company. Incorporating a vent-free reservoir, the hand pumps eliminate performance deficiencies such as forgetting to open a vent or spillage resulting from a vent left open. The fill plug is conveniently located on the top of the hand pumps, enabling them to be easily refilled in a quick and clean manner. Furthermore, the pumps contain an integrated carrying handle for durable and hassle-free mobility, and the Sure-Grip release knob enables simple gripping and handling, with or without gloves, for superior control while releasing pressure. Enerpac,