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Arc Flash Protection System

TVOC-2, the newest generation of ABB Low Voltage Products division’s Arc Guard System, protects electrical equipment from dangerous electrical arc flashes. It features numerous upgrades and new functions, such as detecting faults in low and medium voltage switchgear and disconnecting the power provided to the arc within 30 to 50 milliseconds, preventing serious injury to personnel and damage to expensive equipment. The Arc Guard System uses light as the main condition to instantaneously trip the incoming circuit-breaker, responding in milliseconds and overriding slower protection elements. Further upgrades of TVOC-2 include selective tripping of only the affected circuit breaker, not all breakers within a system; the HMI can be mounted on the TVOC-2 or panel door; and the standard system has 10 sensor inputs, expandable to 30. The Arc Guard System is also compatible with a wide range of applications, including new or OEM installations.