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Weigh Module

Featuring the entirely digital POWERCELL PDX, the Pinmount PDX is an enhanced version of the Pinmount weigh module. The PDX technology allows true predictive diagnostics of each individual load cell, in which the information can be used for preventive maintenance. The Pinmount PDX’s built-in predictive diagnostics system constantly monitors the load cell and alerts the supervisor if a potential problem arises. The microprocessor inside each load cell continually adjusts the weight signal to compensate for environmental factors. It provides accurate weighing regardless of the effects of temperature, linearity, hysteresis and creep. All electronic components are enclosed in the hermetically sealed load cell housing with IP68/69k approval. The POWERCELL PDX load cells connect to one another in a simple network that eliminates the need for failure-prone junction boxes. Furthermore, the Pinmount PDX features a dual lift-off protection and 360-degree integrated checking that can withstand wind or seismic forces.

Mettler Toledo,