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Bin Vibrators

The line of Hi-Vi Electromagnetic bin vibrators from Eriez features 12 AC drive units that improve the flow of hard-to-handle materials deposited into bins, hoppers and chutes. The 70U is the largest of Eriez’ “double impact” type vibrators. Built for heavy-duty applications and up to 60-ton bin capacity, this model is ideally suited for use on large hoppers and bunkers that are constructed of heavy plate. Heavy bracing and liners do not affect the vibrating performance of this unit. Additionally, the 60U also operates on the “double impact” principle, producing 7200 vibrations per minute from a 60-cycle power supply. It provides a “cushioned” impact and is ideally suited to handling sticky materials as well as fine clinging type materials up to a 30-ton bin capacity. Other Hi-Vi models are applicable for light and medium duty work, with bin capacity ranging from 5 cu. ft. to 6 tons. All models can be provided with solid-state or AC voltage regulating controls to vary the vibrator’s impact or connect timers for intermittent operation.