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Belt Conveyor Replacement Bracket

The patented Belt Conveyor Idler Replacement Bracket eliminates the need to replace the entire frame when a center support fails. Not only is downtime reduced, but this new bracket does the job at a fraction of the cost when compared to replacing the entire frame, according to the manufacturer. The replacement procedure is relatively easy. After removing the rollers and then cutting or breaking away the damaged frame roller center supports, the Belt Conveyor Idler Replacement Bracket is installed by aligning bracket cut-outs over the remnants of the removed frame center supports and then secured with bolts, nuts and washers. The entire operation can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. The replacement brackets are available as a one-piece unit to repair/replace both roller center supports and as a “Single” bracket to repair/replace only one side of a damaged roller center support.

Hallen Specialties Inc.,