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Weight-Recording Software

TruckWeight is offering customers the Virtual Weigh Station, free software that will allow users of the developer’s onboard wireless sensors for mechanical and air suspensions to quickly and easily monitor and record weights. Using a small TruckWeight receiver with a USB cable that connects to any Windows-based laptop in the cab or office desktop computer, weights may then be received from the TruckWeight onboard sensors. With a range of 500 ft., the software will report and record individual axle weights with an excellent screen view, as well as gross vehicle weights with an easy touch to change from rig to rig, and automatically generate reports in an Excel format. Furthermore, the software gives operators and fleets a convenient way to keep track of safe and legal loading history. It also provides the option to tare each individual part load as it is added to the rig, and record the net weight of each dump while keeping a running total.