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Misting Equipment Nozzles

In response to customer requests, Dust Control Technology introduced Midget nozzles designed for its atomized misting equipment, engineered specifically for applications requiring smaller droplet sizes or reduced water volumes to minimize surface wetting. The nozzles are well suited for applications such as interior demolition, mining, transfer stations and recycling, in which the water volumes from standard nozzle configurations could be undesirable. Users report benefits such as improved worker safety and comfort, reduced moisture in end products and enhanced odor control. Additionally, the company noted that the nozzle gives an option that can still deliver good particle control, while reducing the total water applied by about 65 percent. For instance, when used with the company’s smallest fan-driven atomizer, the DustBoss DB-30, which has a flow rate of about 2.2 gal./min at 60 psi (4.14 bar) with its standard nozzle configuration, the unit cuts that flow to just 3 quarts/min. Midget nozzles are made from solid brass construction with an 80-degree spray angle, sized for a standard 1/8-in. NPT pipe connection.

Dust Control Technology,