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Hydraulic Breakers

Delivering 1,450 blows per minute, the Chicago Pneumatic BRK 55 hydraulic breakers are the ideal choice for a broad range of road building and maintenance applications. The BRK 55 delivers dependable power and performance working on asphalt, concrete or frozen soil. The breakers feature a slim design, giving operators an effective line of sight to the working tool point, boosting productivity. Further, operators are able to get to work quickly because the BRK 55’s hoses are fitted with flat face HTMA quick release couplings for fast, easy connections in all work environments. These units can be used with either 8 gal./min or 5 gal./min PAC Power Packs. Chicago Pneumatic offers vibro-reduced handles as an option on the BRK 55 hydraulic breaker, as well as oil-flow dividers, which reduce flow and pressure, allowing operators to run tools from hydraulic-powered carriers. The addition of one or two 23-ft. extension hoses allows operators to extend working ranges up to 69 ft. without significant drops in pressure.

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