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Gravity Conveyor - Cyclonaire Corp

The Air Shoot Gravity Conveyor safely moves dry, fluidizable materials, such as cement, fly ash, PVC Resin and hydrated lime. The materials move through the Air Shoot in a near horizontal plane with little change in elevation – ideal for spaces where minimal vertical height poses equipment and conveying obstacles. After the material dispenses into the Air Shoot, gravity and a supply of blower air quickly and effectively transfer it to the next location at a shallow angle of flow. Support grating and a clean air plenum within the conveyor work to ensure quality and limit waste. The Air Shoot is available in open or closed models and comes with a heavy-duty, 10-gauge carbon steel inlet, chute and outlet. It can also be supplied in 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel when specified. The Air Shoot is also available in 4-in.-wide through 36-in.-wide sizes – custom built, depending on each application.  
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