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On/Off Road Tires

The X Works XDY commercial truck tire is designed for exceptional traction and wear in on/off road applications, while the new XDY-EX2 tire is Michelin’s most aggressive drive axle tire for extreme operating conditions. Due to a more robust tread design, the X Works XDY tire provides enhanced durability, delivering a 10 percent mileage improvement when compared with the Michelin XDY3 tire. Uptime is maximized with the directional tread design, improving the efficiency of mud evacuation to provide greater levels of traction. The tire features extra-thick sidewall protection to guard against shocks, snags, impacts or other damage, and it is available in two sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5. The XDY-EX2 tire improves on the last-generation XDY-EX tire, offering better off-road and mud traction. It is available in an 11R24.5 size. Both tires obtain maximum tread and casing life due to Co-Ex Technology, which combines a top tread layer of chip and tear resistant compounds with a cool base tread layer to preserve the casing.
Michelin North America,