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Hammer Drill Bits

The new Hilti TE-CX Bit features a gradient carbide head that incorporates four rugged cutting edges, specially designed to prevent catching or jamming on rebar. The bit has been designed for drilling holes for medium to heavy-duty anchors in the 3/16- to 1-in. range in concrete, masonry and other natural materials. The anchor hole suitability indicator means that accurate anchor holes can be drilled when the indicator mark is visible. According to the company, in the unlikely event of breakage, the drill bit will be replaced if the wear mark on the helix is still visible. An alternate to the TE-CX is the new Hilti TE-C line. With a contoured head and carbide blade, the TE-C drill bits are designed to slice through concrete and move dust from the hole to the surface as quickly as possible.

Hilti, Inc.,