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Acoustic Cleaner

The Martin Sonic Horn is an acoustic cleaner that reduces system downtime, maintenance and operating costs, while improving performance and prolonging equipment life. There are two models of the sonic horn available. Martin Model D-75 Sonic Horn has a fundamental frequency of 75 Hz and measures 92.07 in. (2,339 mm) in length and weighs 190 lbs. (86.2 kg). The Model D-230 is 27.5-in. long (698.5 mm) and weighs 54.27 lbs. (24.6 kg). It features a fundamental frequency of 230 Hz. Martin Sonic Horns are well suited for use in bag houses, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) processes, silos, hoppers, cyclones, and so forth. Used in combination with Martin Engineering’s Big Blaster Air Cannon technology, the sonic horns provide a total cleaning and flow solution. Moreover, the horns comply with OSHA dB regulations for vessel interiors, helping manufacturing facilities to comply with emissions regulations.

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