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Mobile Control System

Hirschmann Automation and Control’s Scalable Mobile Control System is useful for controlling and monitoring machine functions as well as for load moment indication. Due to its versatility and rugged design of its components, the Scalable Mobile Control System is suitable for use in cranes and other lifting devices as well as in a multitude of other mobile machinery applications. Its modular design provides a flexible control platform that supports customized solutions, while incorporating safety standards, such as SIL2 and EN13849 PL d. The IP20 version of iFLEX control offers flexible I/O configuration in combination with a compact design, allowing up to 200 I/Os in the base system and support of an expansion rack. Besides the integrated communication interfaces, additional communication options (i.e. composite video or Zigbee ports) can also be adapted to tailor the system to the application requirements. Moreover, software modules such as function blocks for load moment indication can be integrated.
Hirschmann Automation and Control,