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Surface Miner

Wirtgen 4200 SM is a high-performance surface-mining machine for operators and customers in large-scale surface mines, whose goal is an annual mining capacity in soft rock or coal of up to 12 million tons with a single machine. The 200-plus-ton surface miner stands nearly 22 ft. tall excluding conveyor and cuts over 13 1/2 ft. wide. The Wirtgen machine allows selective mining that enables cutting, crushing and loading in a single working pass. Equipped with 16-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, the 4200 SM is ideal for a wide range of applications as its rated horsepower of 1,624 offers tremendous reserve capacity. Specifically, the 4200 SM has a cutting width of 13.78 ft. (4.20 m) and is capable of working at a maximum cutting depth of 32.7 in. (83 cm) in soft rock. The surface miner is available in two different designs: one for use in various types of soft rock and the other, as a powerful miner for hard rock.
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