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The Link-Belt X3 excavators (250 X3, 300 X3 and 350 X3) are Tier-4 compliant and feature a redesigned cab. Amenities found in the cab include 7 percent more foot space than the previous model series and a rear-view camera. Compared to the X2 Series, the excavators now have cycle time improvements of 3 to 5 percent, according to LBX Company. There are three idle modes to help eliminate fuel waste: one-touch idle, auto-idle and auto-idle shutdown mode. The Link-Belt X3’s are also equipped with a 7-in. full-color LED monitor. The operator is able to set the auxiliary hydraulic flows and pressures from inside the cab using the monitor. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with larger, easier to push triggers on both joysticks for reduced operator fatigue. The X3’s have a one-piece, reinforced turntable bearing tub design that is welded on top and bottom of the car body to provide enhanced strength and durability at the machine’s center of rotation. LBX Company,