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Filter Presses

Designed for the aggregate market, MATEC High Pressure Technology Filter Presses range from sub 100 gpm to over 10,000 gpm per filter press. The filter press dehydrates the sludge by squeezing all water out of it (recovering about 90 percent of it) into dry panels of pressed sludge, which can be reused or disposed of. The filters feature Total Traction Fast, reducing opening and closing times by 80 percent. They also feature an anti-brake plates system, Gasser patented high-efficiency shaker and stainless steel accessories. The Ignis models are ideal for aggregate quarries having mean sludge concentrations up to 5/6 cu. m per hour. On these models, purified water is discharged through two external manifolds. The Terrae models are perfect for large-size production plants specializing in aggregate mining, earth and gravel handling. Purified water is discharged through four external manifolds to prevent external contact or filtrate leaks. MATEC S.r.l,