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Initiation System

The DigiShot electronic initiation system is an innovative advance in technology, enabling users to achieve accurate timing benefits of electronic initiation systems with robust all-weather surface connectors. One of the unique features of the product is a blaster-friendly tagger. The DigiShot Tagger is a light-weight, hand-held tool used to assign the borehole/detonator location with a minimum of keystrokes. The tagger can be used to test an individual detonator, part of the pattern or the entire circuit, before leaving the bench. Easy-to-follow screen menus lead the blaster through all on-bench operations. The over-extruded detonator downline and robust connector ensure reliable communication between the DigiShot Electronic Detonator, Blaster and Trigger. Customer benefits include accurate timing; easy-to-use, menu-driven software; minimal on-bench components; no requirement to input delay timing (blaster’s choice) on the bench and the ability to fire (with a Master and a Slave) larger blasts. All DigiShot components are water resistant, ESD resistant and RF resistant.  Dyno Nobel Inc.,