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Air Separator

Available as a portable or stationary unit, the 13 ft.-diameter Fisher Air Separator is a field-proven machine that effectively removes unwanted fines from abrasive and non-abrasive aggregate applications. With its ability to “dry” process and remove excess fines, the Fisher Air Separator promotes an efficient and clean operation. A properly adjusted and fed air separator will maintain 100 percent of circulating air in the machine. The only air discharged is the air displacement from the material.  Additionally, it is an effective and economical tool for those operations where water is in limited supply. The machine features three on-plant conveyors for material feed and discharge, an on-plant, automatic grease lubrication system, an on-plant hydraulic system and a 75 hp electric motor with Cutter Hamer AC Inverter. Utilizing rugged, bolt-on wear liners, the Fisher Air Separator is designed for minimal downtime. The machine is easy to set up (in as little as two hours), disassemble and transport.
Fisher Industries,