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Cartridge Cleaners

Flexco has expanded its line of Service Advantage Cartridge cleaners. The company has simplified installation and maintenance of the cartridge for the Mineline MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaner and added the feature to its P-Type Secondary Cleaner and R-Type Reversing Secondary Cleaner. The enhanced design features a variety of options for locking the cartridge into place, making it adaptable based on local codes and offering solutions for varying space constraints during installation. The Service Advantage Cartridge slides out from the accessible side of the conveyor or chute wall for inspection, service, or replacement by a single worker within minutes. Cleaner blades are changed by simply removing a pin, sliding the blade cartridge out through the side, and replacing it. This allows maintenance workers to replace multiple blade cartridges during the same maintenance period, saving time and money. A dual cartridge design that splits in the middle for removal from both sides is also available for belt widths of 60 in. to 120 in. Flexco,