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Power Distribution Substation

The Larson Electronics’ Magnalight MGS-DC-30KVA-480-220-110 heavy duty power distribution substation safely converts single-phase or three-phase 480 VAC electrical current to single phase 120 VAC and 240 VAC. This weatherproof substation offers workers portable versatility for operating equipment and lighting in areas where traditional power sources are unavailable or not desired. The unit can be used to tap into 480 VAC from a variety of sources including generators and direct grid power which it then steps down to usable voltages and includes a dedicated 480 volt feed through for connecting a welding station. Integrated breaker boxes are included on both the input end and output end to provide the maximum in safety and reliability. Furthermore, the company can design and build these transformers to custom specifications, and deliver the units within weeks. Larson Electronics’,