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Off-Highway Equipment Lubricants

For off-highway operators looking to improve their bottom line, Valvoline has launched its UltraMax product line that includes engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and high-performance hydraulic oils. UltraMax products retain optimal operation for the full life of the fluid, minimize wear and help extend part life through improved friction, durability and prolonged fluid life, according to the company. Seasonal oil changes are no longer required with the all-temperature protection, UltraMax TDTO TO-4M fluid. The fluid also meets the requirements of ZF TE-ML03 for use in ZF torque converter transmissions. UltraMax Transmission & Drive Train Oil provides protection against rust and corrosion, gear wear, foaming and oxidation. The oil meets Caterpillar TO-4M specifications, Allison C-4 specifications and Komatsu requirements. It also provides excellent high-temperature-film thickness and low-temperature pumpability for wear protection under severe loading conditions.