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Truck-Integrated Air Compressor and Generator

The EnPak Air Power 40, part of the Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s line of EnPak products, is a truck-integrated, engine-drive air compressor and generator that eliminates the need for hydraulically driven stand-alone or under-hood compressors, and integrates seamlessly into a truck’s electrical and fuel systems. Field service personnel are able to run tools with the truck turned off, thus reducing fuel use and engine hours. Fuel consumption is reduced up to 30 percent and truck engine hours are reduced up to 60 percent. The EnPak Air Power 40 also lowers truck noise (the unit is up to 10 dB quieter compared to running tools off the truck’s engine) and reduces exhaust fumes in the work area with its vertical exhaust. The system is designed for service truck operators who regularly use compressed air and generator power but don’t need the hydraulic functions first introduced in the EnPak Mechanic Series.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.,