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Vertical Slurry Pump Series

Mining companies seeking an efficient way to handle abrasive slurry have a new solution: GIW Industries’ ZW Vertical Slurry Pump Series, a durable, low-maintenance and affordable pump for vertical sump requirements. Although the ZW Vertical Slurry Pump  can easily withstand the rigors of many mining applications, its basic design makes it one of the market's easiest pumps to maintain. Both complete pump assemblies and spares are readily available. The ZW Vertical Slurry Pump features a double-suction vertical design ideal for handling aggressive, abrasive slurry applications. Instead of stopping and starting as water levels fluctuate, the ZW Vertical Slurry Pump's top- and bottom-suction design allows it to run continuously in a “snore condition” to provide more consistent pump action and to reduce pump stress. Additionally, its semi-open impeller design permits large solids to pass freely.
GIW Industries.