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Portable Scale - Cardinal Scale Mfg

Cardinal Scale’s electronic portable model 760 series axle load scales offer mobile weighing with made-in-the-U.S.A. quality, according to the company. The scales come with two low-profile weighing modules with durable checkered steel deck construction and are designed to be used in lower-traffic applications where a full static truck scale is not necessary. They are relatively lightweight for a truck scale, weighing only 400 lbs. per aluminum platform, but can handle heavyweight loads up to 60,000-lb. capacities. Each 760 series scale come complete with either steel or aluminum platforms, NEMA 4 junction box, environmentally-protected American-made stainless steel load cells, and four access ramps. With a choice of Cardinal indicators to complete the scale, Cardinal’s 215 STORM indicator features printer connectivity for label ticketing and Cardinal’s 225 NAVIGATOR indicator is even more versatile and can weigh up to 4 axles simultaneously (2 sets of 760 series platforms used in conjunction). Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.,