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Silo Multi-Scanner System

BinMaster Level Controls offers the MVL multiple scanner system that integrates multiple point measurement data from two 3DLevelScanners to cover a very wide surface area and provide better inventory accuracy for large vessels than any other level measurement device, according to the company. Designed specifically for the challenges of very large bins, the BinMaster MVL system displays a visual representation of the material surface that shows high and low points in the bin such as cone up, cone down, sidewall buildup or bridging. Reports generated by the 3D software provide data such as volume as a percentage, in bushels, or cu. ft. or meters; maximum, minimum and average levels or distances to product; weight in U.S. tons, lbs. or metric tons; and historical logs of bin measurements. An MVL system consists of two model MVL 3DLevelScanners, a controller that aggregates the data, 3D Vision software to be loaded onto a PC, and a 3DLinkPro modem for remote access to the scanners. The BinMaster MVL system works by integrating the measurement data from two scanners mounted on the top of the vessel in locations optimized to most effectively cover the entire surface area of the material.