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Portable Inline Fluid Reclamation

The SumpDoc, a portable inline fluid reclamation machine, provides complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of the metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interface. There is no interruption in the production cycle or need to transport fluids.

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Wheel Loaders

The 4.2-cu.-yd. DL300 from Doosan has been relaunched as a 271 hp iT4 wheel loader – up from 217 hp in its previous design. It is engineered with a breakout force of 37,993 lb., a full-turn tipping capacity of 28,572 lb. and a dump height of 9 ft. 4 in.

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Industrial Catalog

The new 800-plus-page Snap-on Industrial catalog includes performance and specifications on all Snap-on Industrial tools and equipment.

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Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser has a unique blend of biodegradable detergents, specially formulated for challenging pressure washing applications. When compared to Original Mean Green Super Strength, the Industrial version has 40 percent more cleaning ingredients, 30 percent more solvents and 20 percent more surfactants.

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Dust Suppression

Dust Control Technology unveiled a family of tower mounts for the company’s atomized misting equipment, which extends droplet hang time and range, while providing more precise aiming capability. Designed to withstand wind loads of at least 100 mph, the towers are constructed of carbon steel pipe, hot dip galvanized to resist corrosion.

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