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Construction Software

Dexter + Chaney launched a new, web-based version of Spectrum Construction Software. The latest version of Spectrum software, already used by thousands of contractors for construction business management, is a full-featured web-based product.

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Glass Magnets

Eriez offers Super Strength Rare Earth Sight Glass Magnets as part of its ProGrade line of high quality, low cost standard magnetic separators. Eriez ProGrade Super Strength Rare Earth Permanent Sight Glass Magnets are designed to remove fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contamination from materials flowing to injection machines or extruders.

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Liquid Waste Technology, LLC announced the launch of their newest Mud Cat dredge, the Mud Cat MFD-1000. This multi-function dredge has multiple interchangeable tool options, including an excavator bucket, a cutter basket with dredging pump, a weed rake, and a pile driver.

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Surface Drill Rig

The T35 E surface drill rig, the latest addition to the PowerROC product family, is an extendable boom version of the T35 drilling rig currently in use. This new, no-cabin model provides straighter holes, more safety and comfort for the operator and easy-access maintenance.

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The new Double Coin REM-28S radial off-the-road (ROTR) tire is ideal for use on loaders, graders and mobile cranes in winter applications. It features a wide footprint, offers excellent flotation, zigzag siping and proven tread block design that increases winter condition performance.

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