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The Latest Screening Products

Ellipti-Flo Screen
After two years of development, Metso offers the Ellipti-Flo screening system, which will provide complete control of critical screen operating parameters. With the ability to dynamically adjust the stroke angle and force, the Ellipti-Flo range can produce up to 30 percent more than a traditional banana screen in the same footprint. This is a revolutionary step forward in separation technology, and is exclusive to Metso, the company said.

The system can handle material that historically was difficult or impossible to separate, including sticky wet material that would blind a traditional incline machine. The Ellipti-Flo system also has newly developed high load, bearingless exciters. Based on Metso’s mill technology, this innovative design gives the potential for a truly infinite life to the exciter mechanisms. The result is no rebuilds with very simple maintenance.

Metso Minerals,

Modular Locking Systems
Flex-Mat 3 Modular High-Performance, Self-Cleaning screen media panel locking systems increase overall screening production without costly screen box modifications. Snap- and step-type panels are available in 1- x 2-ft. sizes, while pin- and grooved-type panels are available in both 1- x 1-ft. and 1- x 2-ft. sizes. All locking systems fit competitive dimensions as well. Installation uses the same fastening systems as traditional polyurethane and rubber panels, and is available in both stainless steel wire and Major Wire’s proprietary OptimumWire.

Available in opening sizes ranging from 30 mesh, or 0.0197 in. (0.5 mm), up to 1.575 in. (40 mm), Flex-Mat 3 Modular 1- x 1-ft. and 1- x 2-ft. panels provide up to 50 percent more screen media open area than traditional rigid polyurethane and rubber panels, notes the company. The panels are available in the following configurations: a diamond-shaped Series D for most standard applications; wave-patterned Series S for removal of fines; and triangular Series T for fine screening.

Major Wire Industries Ltd.,

Vibrating Screen
The F-Class Vibrating Screen from W.S. Tyler offers a solution for challenging screening applications requiring minimal vibration transmission during operation. This allows for multiple machine use within the same building or structure without the same reinforcing measures required to house traditional vibrating screens.

The F-Class is also ideal for screening situations that require consistent, load independent performance at constant G-Force in all operational modes. Featuring a four-bearing technology, the F-Class minimizes structural vibration and delivers a consistent stroke, which two-bearing screens cannot provide, and with the right media choice virtually eliminates blinding and pegging. With the ability to handle the toughest applications, the F-Class is designed and built for scalping and classifying of ores, minerals, stones, sand and gravel.

W.S. Tyler,