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Superior Alliance Low Water Washer for Crusher Dust

The Alliance Low Water Washer from Superior Industries allows you to wash crusher dust right next to the crushing circuit, eliminating the cost of handling and hauling these fines to a new washing circuit. The washer is designed with a small footprint, which allows it to be easily incorporated into an existing plant.

Superior The Alliance Low Water Washer agitates and dewaters material, turning tailings into a salable manufactured sand. Customers experience significantly less water consumption when washing straight off of a dry feed. The Alliance Low Water Washer is manufactured in models for rates up to 300 tph (272 mtph).

The Alliance Low Water Washer accepts a dry feed from the crushing circuit. An agitator converts the material to a slurry before an integrated dewatering screen removes excess water, leaving as little as 8% moisture in the discharged manufactured sand.

Superior said existing units have required as little 45 to 90 cu. meters/hour of water (200 to 400 gpm), depending on production rates. That’s significantly less water consumption than a traditional screw or cyclone.

Superior Industries,