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Whitmore Offers OilSafe Lustor Lubrication Storage System

Whitmore Manufacturing LLC, a CSW Industrials company that manufacturers products and services that increase the reliability, productivity and lifespan of industrial assets, brings to market the scalable solution to lubrication storage and dispensing systems.

65 Gallon 250 Liter Lustor System“World-class maintenance and oil cleanliness requires processes and equipment that are both robust and easy to use. The new Lustor line helps companies extend the life of their fluids with a compact, durable, and easy to use unit that fits almost any industrial location. It provides high-quality filtration and the modular design allows customers to add on additional units to cover as many lubricating oils as they want,” said Doug Reid, vice president of product development.

The proven benefits OilSafe bulk storage and handling systems currently have in the market are incorporated with the Lustor systems; in expandable and cost-effective units. These systems filter and safely store oil to guarantee its quality remains intact before it enters your valuable equipment.

“Enhancing our customers’ operational capacity is at the core of our business model. Our products, equipment and services are designed to extend the life of customers’ assets.,” said Joel Garrett, vice president of global sales. “These assets must be protected from moisture and particulate contamination. Without protection, operational fluids are degraded which leads to higher fluid replacement costs and ultimately shorter life for the valuable equipment companies rely on. In the future, as machinery becomes more advanced, prevention and protection will be an even higher priority. Lustor systems provide our customers an additional solution in their efforts to protect their investments. We are very pleased to share this latest technology with our current and prospective customers across our many market segments.“

OilSafe’s line of Lustor Lubrication Storage Systems conveniently combine proper storage, filtration and identification to keep workflow efficient and organized, keeping lubricants dry and contaminant-free; saving time and money.

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