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Geosonics/Vibra-Tech Offers Easy-to-Use Vibration Monitoring Solution

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech seismographs are complete vibration and sound monitoring systems with LCD displays and heavy-duty twist-lock metal cable connections. The cases for its instrumentation are manufactured with the toughest structural resin available, and are the most water resistant seismographs on the market, according got the company. Basic compliance reporting software is included with each unit at no additional charge, and all units are proudly manufactured in the United States.

The SSU 3000LC is a convenient, easy-to-use and complete vibration and sound-monitoring system designed with the user in mind. Key features include an enhanced tactile keypad, heavy duty twist-lock metal cable connectors and a heavy-gauge aluminum enclosure with baked enamel finish.

The four-line by 20-character LCD and menu-driven programming makes on-site setup easy and permits the user to view numerical waveform data and monitoring results in the field. The timesaving template utility can store repetitive setup information for quickly deployed instruments with pre-defined configurations.

The internal lead-acid battery is long lasting and easily charged using the included AC adapter. An integrated timer turns the unit on and off at pre-selected times to conserve battery power. The 2- hertz, high-pass microphone and all other accessories fit easily into the tough, structural-resin carrying case.

The SSU 3000LC has three recording modes:

  • Triggered – either seismic or sound.
  • Continuous (histogram).
  • Sustained trigger.

The internal memory can store up to 220, one-second events. Sustained trigger mode delays processing and permits collection of consecutive 15-second intervals of waveform data up to a cumulative total of approximately 4.2 minutes.

Data can be collected in either imperial (U.S. customary) or metric units. The included basic compliance software package can be used for data analysis and preparation of standard or customized reports.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech, www.geosonicsvibratech