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Davey Bickford Offers Daveytronic OP

The fourth generation of the Davey Bickford electronic blasting system, the Daveytronic OP offers precision, simplicity and flexibility at a fair price and is particularly well-suited for quarries, construction sites and small, open-air mines, according to the company.

Tried and tested over a period of more than two decades, the safety of the Daveytronic OP blasting systems is based on robust and safe design principles: separate feeds for the communication and ignition, bi-directional communication, and the exclusive Smartshunt protection system for the firing head. The testing and diagnostic capabilities are the most complete and sophisticated on the market, noted the company, and offer operators total control of the blast, right up to the final second prior to ignition.

The safety of the blasting systems relies on the incompatibility of the detonators with traditional means of ignition and the presence of an indestructible ID tracking number in each chip, enabling the complete traceability of the product.

Furthermore, the Daveytronic OP uses its own encrypted communication protocol, securing the transmission of data on the firing line. Lastly, RFID technology is used for the transmission of data and the blocking of blasting.

The Daveytronic OP offers the performance that one would expect from an electronic blasting system: a precision blasting sequence, ease of operation and reliable ignition. These performance features, with increased safety, offer better control of the explosive energy, as well as a significant increase in productivity, by means of:

  • The control of vibrations.
  • Optimized fragmentation.
  • A reduction in projections.
  • An increase in the size of the blasts.

The Daveytronic OP blasting system is one of the most effective tools a quarry or mine operator can use to lower vibration levels while keeping operational costs down, noted the company. Cleaner and more stable high walls, less back break together with better fragmentation, and lower downstream costs will provide a tremendous value to open pit mines.

Davey Bickford,, 801-562-3045