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BTI Scaler for Underground Operations

Breaker Technology Inc. (BTI) Scalers perform safe, precision scaling of tunnel roofs, drift walls and ribs by matching the output of the hydraulic breaker to scaling conditions. Its unique telescoping and knuckle combination positioner incorporates high rigidity and torsional strength to absorb accidental shock while scaling.

Features and benefits include:

  • High speed / high mobility underground scaling.
  • +/-45 degree vehicle articulation for tight turning radius.
  • Torque converter/transmission package provides low profile engine shroud height for improved operator visibility.
  • Mid-ship operator compartment provides good visibility for both tramming and scaling functions.
  • Four heavy duty tube-in-tube self-leveling stabilizers provide quick set up times and stable operation.
  • Purpose-built heavy duty, large cross-section boom provides excellent dexterityand strength when performing scaling functions.
  • Good operation visibility for precise scaling operations.

Breaker Technology Inc.,