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Technology Solutions for Maintenance and More

By Mark S. Kuhar

John Deere WorkSight is an integrated suite of technology solutions for business optimization. It consists of five technologies including the JDLink machine monitoring system, Fleet Care proactive machine health program, Service ADVISOR Remote dealer diagnostics, grade control, and payload weighing.

This proprietary system provides machine location, utilization measures, and maintenance tracking via an easy-to-use website. Two service levels are currently available. JDLink Ultimate is standard with three years of service on most new John Deere machines and delivers the most comprehensive data available including diagnostic trouble codes, equipment utilization, fuel consumption data, alerts to a cell phone, pager or email address, and more in addition to machine location, curfews, and geofencing. JDLink Select is a more basic service level for all makes of equipment that provides machine-engine hour, maintenance tracking, location, and geofencing capabilities.

Fleet Care
This exclusive program processes JDLink data, fluid analysis, and machine inspection results with a sophisticated rules engine to proactively identify problems, determine their criticality, and email corrective actions to take before they cause unexpected downtime.

Service ADVISOR Remote
Another John Deere exclusive, Service ADVISOR Remote enables a John Deere dealer to connect remotely to a Deere machine to read diagnostic trouble codes and record machine performance data. If a software update is required, your dealer can even accomplish the update without visiting the machine. Service ADVISOR Remote significantly reduces the time and cost associated with equipment repairs. All that is required is an active JDLink subscription.

Grade Control
Grade control systems are used in the earthmoving industry to significantly reduce the costs of a job in terms of labor, material, and engineering, while reducing unnecessary waste. John Deere maintains an open-architecture philosophy for grade control on dozers and motor graders, meaning that customers can install the grade control system that best meets their needs. Coming in the fall of 2012, customers will be able to order Topcon integrated grade control on their John Deere dozers and motor graders. The customer’s dealer will deliver the machine with a Topcon 3D-MC2 grade control system ready for work.

Payload Weighing
Payload weighing is an integrated system that measures and transmits the material load in the bed of an articulated dump truck (ADT) or the bucket of a wheel loader. It is standard on John Deere ADTs to provide overload protection on the jobsite, plus the data can be utilized remotely in JDLink to monitor productivity and help with future job quoting. Two payload scale options are available for John Deere wheel loaders. The Embedded Payload Scale (EPS) displays payload information on the K-Series loader monitor. The Advanced Payload Scale (APS) option provides a separate monitor with enhanced load tracking capabilities, an in-cab printer option for load tickets and end-of-shift reports, and several options for transmitting payload data to a production manager’s business system.

In the future, there will be integration of wheel loader payload data into JDLink.
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