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SKF Separator Filter Dryer Delivers Contaminant-Free Compressed Air

The SKF Separator Filter Dryer (SFD) system introduces an ideal solution for removing water, contaminants and oil vapor from compressed air, and help realize improved pneumatic equipment performance, reduced need for maintenance, increased uptime and higher productivity. The compact unit is engineered to dry compressed air for pneumatic applications directly from a compressor’s reservoir tank or at a point of use, eliminating the need for most external filters.

This innovative technology can be applied to serve pneumatic applications in a wide range of industries; including cement and concrete, aggregates and mining, food and beverage processing, and others where an uninterrupted supply of clean, dry compressed air is critical.

The three-in-one SFD system incorporates a dual-cartridge design that channels air flow through one desiccant cartridge, while regeneration occurs in the other. Standard units operate between 100-180 psi and will accommodate flow rates ranging from 20 to 800 CFM. The system can serve in high or low ambient temperatures and performs without the use of a refrigerant, a condensate drain line, or a heat exchanger to clean and maintain.

Product Features:

The SFD system is offered in three models:

  • Micro Logic Timer (MLT).
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC).
  • Pneumatically Controlled (PC).

All install easily on a wall or directly to a compressor’s top plate for plugging into standard 120 VAC.