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Metso Screens Designed for High Performance

Metso’s TS screen design represents “the flagship product in the North American market fleet,” according to Scott G. Snyder, vice president, Vibrating Product Lines. It is the only triple-deck elliptical banana screen designed especially for construction. Its design allows for up to 40 percent more production on the same footprint as a typical incline screen. The machine also generates very high acceleration (6Gs) at both the feed and discharge ends. This gives rapid material separation in the feed section with very efficient near size material handling at the discharge. The result is better efficiency and higher throughput in the same footprint.

After two years of development, Metso has released its Ellipti-Flo screening system, which will provide complete control of critical screen operating parameters. With the ability to dynamically adjust the stroke angle and force, the its Ellipti-Flo range can produce up to 30 more than a traditional banana screen in the same footprint. This is a revolutionary step forward in separation technology, and is exclusive to Metso, the company says. The system can handle material that historically was difficult or impossible to separate, including sticky wet material that would blind a traditional incline machine. The Ellipti-Flo system also has newly developed high load, bearingless exciters. Based on Metso’s mill technology, this design gives the potential for a truly infinite life to the exciter mechanisms. The result is no rebuilds with very simple maintenance.

To make the screens even more efficient, Metso has an electronic handheld vibrating equipment audit tool – the IC80 – that allows quick, consistent and professional commissioning and trouble-shooting. And the company is releasing a continuous monitoring system – the IC8000 – that provides a low cost way to protect equipment and improve its availability.