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BedRock now Offers AggFlow with EarthTechnica Equipment

BedRock Software LLC now offers the addition of EarthTechnica Co. (ETCL) equipment to its AggFlow simulation program. BedRock, working with ETCL engineers since 2011, created a broad range of new crushing equipment models. “Developing the ETCL equipment range included new programming challenges for our team and represents a new market opportunity for our program,” said Bryan Lewis, founder of BedRock and inventor of the AggFlow program. “Our work has been substantial and we are very pleased to include ETCL in the program.”

ETCL was established in 2003 as a joint venture of crushing business between Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and Kobe Steel Ltd. ETCL supplies total crushing, grinding and recycling equipment all over the world and has extensive experience and expertise accumulated over more than 80 years. Fumikazu Otsuki, ETCL’s engineering director, summarized the development by saying, “We know AggFlow is widely used by many companies in order to simulate plant layouts and to select the most suitable equipment for their operations. Now, working closely with BedRock to include our equipment in AggFlow, we hope and believe our products will contribute to the benefit of our customers and dealers globally.”

AggFlow simulations help improve profitability by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in plant operations; by accurately assessing the impact of proposed changes or new equipment installations before they are made; and by reducing plant down-time and production errors. The program is popular because it provides the ability to conduct unlimited “what-if?” scenarios, it is accurate, and it is easy to use.