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Atlas Copco Drilling System Offers Longer Service Life

Atlas Copco Construction & Mining developed a patented T-thread drilling system called T-WiZ, which has been designed to be the toughest (trapezoidal) T-thread system on the market. It features a stronger thread surface and other proprietary improvements to provide less wear on the threads and faster rod changes, with results indicating up to a 30-percent longer service life.

“The capabilities of this new drilling system will mean faster rod changes and more productivity per shift for our customers,” said Ray Shelor, product manager – Top Hammer Equipment for Atlas Copco.

The new T-WiZ drilling system was designed to work in the toughest rock formations, including fractured rock that could result in off-line drilling or over-stressed threads. The T-WiZ drilling system provides better thread efficiency and greater thread stability for quicker rod changes. All drilling applications, including underground, construction and surface mining will benefit from this new design.

Keeping the standard (trapezoidal) T-threaded profiles allows you to operate the T-WiZ components with standard T-threaded components; however, the longer service life can only be achieved when the complete drill string is made up of Atlas Copco T-WiZ products. The secret is hidden in a stronger thread surface and other proprietary improvements to the T-WiZ drill rods and striking bars, the company said.

Atlas Copco T-WiZ components are provided in three dimensions: T-38, T-45, and T-51 threaded (M/F) Speedrods and shank adapters.

Atlas Copco Construction & Mining,