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Major Wire to Celebrate Flex-Mat

Major Wire Industries, Montreal, will exhibit at Agg1 2012 in booth 1910 to educate aggregate producers on how to eliminate screening inefficiencies with its advanced self-cleaning screen media and premium woven wire. Major Wire is also proud to announce the 15th anniversary of its Flex-Mat independently vibrating wire technology, now in its third generation with Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned and Modular versions.

Since its introduction in 1996, Flex-Mat technology has revolutionized the screening industry, providing solutions to common screening challenges and a way­ to increase product value and return on investment, according to the company. Previously, self-cleaning screen media was mostly available through European manufacturers, resulting in long lead times and high costs for North American screening operations. Jean Leblond, president and CEO of Major Wire, solved this problem when he began locally manufacturing tensioned self-cleaning screen media produced without cross wires that lasts up to three times longer than traditional woven wire, the company said. Since then, Major Wire has been able to manufacture the product cost effectively with competitive lead times for screening operations throughout the world.

Flex-Mat technology is made of crimped wires assembled side-by-side and held together by distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips. Because each wire vibrates independently, it increases material screening action and in-spec material throughput, virtually eliminates blinding, pegging and clogging and reduces downtime spent cleaning or replacing screen media. Major Wire further advanced Flex-Mat technology by introducing 1-ft. x 1-ft. (305-mm x 305-mm) panels for modular screen decks in 2007 and 1-ft. x 2-ft. (305-mm x 610-mm) modular panels in 2011.

To date, Flex-Mat vibrating wire technology has been proven in more than 20,000 aggregate, mining and recycle applications worldwide, the company said.

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