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McLanahan Offers Hydrosizer for Frac Sand Production

McLanahan Corp. has been an equipment manufacturer for more than 175 years, so it’s no surprise to find them on the cutting edge of construction-materials trends. The company, in booth number 945 at Agg1 2012, is a leading supplier in the design and supply of wet-processing plants for producing “frac sand,” which is used in the oil and gas industry in the hydraulic fracturing process.

Millions of dollars are being spent on the production of this sand. The reason is that the average construction sand used in concrete and asphalt sells for around $6 per ton. Frac sand sells for $80 to $110 per ton.

“For most wet-processing equipment companies, frac sand production has been the one saving grace in a tough couple of years, due to the comparatively high price of frac sand, which can be 15 times that of some construction sands,” said John Best, general manager Aggregates Processing Division for McLanahan Corp. “Many of the major companies are looking to see if their resources are viable and investors outside the industry are falling over themselves to get new plants into production to ride the oil/gas exploration and production wave.”

When extremely precise classification is needed to separate granular material by size, the McLanahan Hydrosizer is comparable to screening but at the fraction of the footp­­rint and cost. For specific gravity separation, the Hydrosizer, or the FB (LitesOut) Classifier, offers the best, most efficient and cost-effective solution, according to the company.

Features Include:

  • Extremely sharp, high efficiency size classification between 100 and 600 micron.
  • Effective separation of minerals of different specific gravity.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Rapid payback on investment.

McLanahan Corp.,