Superior Belt Scale Characterized by Pinpoint Accuracy

Superior Industries announced the completed development and market release of a brand new conveyor belt scale. Designed to produce precision measurements, the new scale is available in two different models.

The WB model has an accuracy rating of 1.0 percent (+/- 0.5 percent). With independent weigh bridge brackets, it accommodates multiple belt widths and is designed for material handling up to 2,000 tph.

With an accuracy rating of 0.5 percent (+/- 0.25 percent), the HD model is built with a continuous weigh-bridge for increased accuracy and structural integrity. It is manufactured to manage up to 2,000 tph and higher.

The new belt scale is built with two, independent load cells. Superior said, because the two load-cell readings are displayed separately on the diagnostics screen, identifying malfunctions is made easier for the user.

In addition, Superior’s belt scale packages are available with one of two integrator models, both built with easy to operate touch screen menus, diagnostic screens that show load cell outputs independently and recalls up to eight previous scale totals. An optional speed sensor easily mounts to most conveyor frames and adjusts to applicable belt widths.

Superior Industries,